Monday, January 19, 2015

This week a year ago...

Well, it wasn't the best week of my life 12 months ago but it can't be said that I'll shirk my patriotic responsibility. Australia Day is a unique opportunity for me to indulge in a little decorating, and you know how I love a good tablescape!

I'm not the "Aussie flag waving, southern-cross-tattooed chest beating" kinda girl but I do like celebrating what is beautiful about where we live. When I think of Oz, I envisage the beautiful, delightfully naff things we have produced over the years. The iconic Aussie images from the 50's and 60's.

This is how I decorated the table last year, perhaps it will help inspire you to use a few of those iconic, truely Aussie designs from yesteryear.


So, grab some vintage table linens from the op shop, pull out grandma's old Johnson crockery, turn on The Hottest 100, pour yourself a good South Australian red and have a great Australia Day with your family and mates.


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Moscow Mules

Well, it's been a freakin' hot day here in the hood. It definitely hit 40 degrees (that's Celsius for my American friends). Too hot even to crack out the slip 'n slide for #mytinyhipster, too hot to do anything except sit under the air-conditioner with all the blinds closed and watch movies.

My lovely friend moved house this weekend in this hideous heat and so this post is especially for her. Something to cool down even the grimiest, most sweat soaked folks (say that 3 times quickly). A recipe for my favourite refreshing bevvy at the moment, a Moscow Mule!

My sister gave me these beautiful mule mugs for Christmas after coming across them in the local Spotlight. They are purpose made for this drink but I'm sure it's just as delicious in any other glass, mug or cup.

Here's what you will need to make your drink tonight (This recipe makes one serve)...


xxx Kyla




I do A LOT of crochet. It helps fill my days and keeps my hands busy so I don't snack all day. (Not a perfect diet plan but it does help)

Today I started one of my favourite patterns, the chevron or ripple. Here's the one I'm currently working on for a lovely new soul due soon...

And here are a few that I've done previously..

For those with some crochet experience it's a pretty easy pattern and once you get going it grows fairly quickly. I used a few different techniques until I came across this one from Attic 24. It's really easy to follow and has great images for those who are visual learners like me. Give her a visit and try out a chevron, you won't be disappointed.

I always post my current #dailycrochet on Instagram. If you would like to follow me my name is @kyladoesstuff (there's also a little linky button to your right there)

Have fun!!





Friday, January 16, 2015

A bit of a sale

As some of you may know, I make a lot of stuff. In the months before Clancy was due I seemed to get quite a few 'mojo moments' which resulted in a bunch of new designs for my wee business Bristle Design.

Over on the Facebook page tonight, and over the next few days, I will be selling off the prototypes of those new designs. Check them out here...




Monday, January 12, 2015 book lists.

I was going to be organised this year. I was going to order the school books week ahead of time. It was going to be a great idea seeing as number 2 was due in December. Well, that all went down the tube when he was 3 weeks early and the cutoff date for ordering was 2 days after he was born.

No worries, right? I can just go to the shops and do it my self. Sure. Sounds like a bloody fairytale...not so.


I frikken hate doing the book list shopping. I hate everything about the annual experience. I don't remember it being so awful when I was a kid. I don't remember the thousands of other families tussling over the last feint ruled exercise book. I don't remember the plethora of unwashed toddlers upending the stack of modelling clay whilst their older sister throws a tantrum because there are no more Frozen lunch packs left.

Ugh. I mean....kill me. The giant stationery store with a 7 year old, the baby in a pram and my mum. It wasn't pretty.

I promise next year I will try harder. Someone remind me of that in 10 or so months

Don't get me wrong, though...I love shopping for stationery supplies. In fact, it's on my Top 10 list of stuff to do. I love the smell of a fresh packet of HB's, I can't walk past the fancy erasers without slipping one into the shopping basket. I rocked Lisa Frank pretty hard in my school days. I should probably have a separate room just for Sharpies.

And once those book, felt pens and folders are home I'm in my element. Covering, labelling, packing and stacking like a boss.


Friday, January 9, 2015

This is my life...

I've told you a little about my self in my very first blog post. Things I'm sure a lot of you already know about me. But for those new to 'Kyla-Land' here's what the view is like from here.
This is me...

I've done heaps of different things in my life. I've been a dancer, a photographer, a waitress, an artist, a business owner, a trophy maker, a waitress, a teacher, a shop assistant and a barista. I'm a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mum and a friend. And I think it is these last things that I am the most proud of, it's those things that have fulfilled me the most.
I get obsessed easily, by different things almost every day. But some obsessions stay constant. Crochet, vintage books, Pyrex, more ice in my glass than drink. I line things up a lot, I'm probably one traumatic event away from full blown OCD. But for now I am happy making organised pockets of pretty around my home.
I like throwing parties. I'll plan them down to the smallest detail and always, always over-decorate. My family and friends think I'm crazy but they keep coming back for more.
I write lists. Lots and lots of lists. I write them in notebooks scattered about the house. (I'd better add 'notebook storage' to a list)
This is my family...(Without the new baby...must take a new family shot)
King Julian is the most amazing guy. I really lucked out with this one, he is the most big hearted, supportive husband a girl could ask for. He hates having his photo taken and is always ready with some sort of ridiculous face when thereis a camera in the room. He has an amazing voice and finds joy in making very loud noises with it. He has been know to sing a bit of opera whilst mowing or rip out a bit of Jimmy Barnes business after a few drinks. He is hilarious and sensitive and I really couldn't do without him.
Luca, or #mytinyhipster as we have called him for years, is 7 years old. He's a tiny little dude with a very big brain and has his father's talent for mimicry, which drives my completely nuts. He reads at a level far above his age (which we are so proud of) but can't remember what day it is even though I've told him 12 times. He loves skinny jeans, Adventure Time, reading till all hours and a red-haired girl named Emily.
Clancy is almost 8 weeks old and already a completely different little character to his big brother. He came into the world early and is so calm that sometimes we have to sneak into his room and stare at him for a while to check that he is still breathing. He looks mostly like his father and brother but I think he will be a ginger like me! His feet are huge and he is already smiling and lifting up his giant head.
* (I had written a huge paragraph here about my 'journey' over the past 12 months but I deleted it all. I'm not really a soul-searching, heart-on-my-sleeve kinda girl so let's just say that it's been a really shit year for me and leave it at that.)
But the view from here is looking pretty nice right now. I've been learning how to look after myself a little better (with the help of a few special, precious friends) and I'm looking to the future with my eyes open wide. The grass is pretty green so I can't really complain.
So, hopefully that fills you in on the person behind the blog. I would love if you could introduce yourself in the comments. I am always interested in who I'm writing to.
I'm glad you're here xxx Kyla

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Today's Obsession: Copper

I get obsessed easily. By little things. It usually passes quickly but I also end up with another Pinterest board dedicated to whatever it is. Does this happen to you too?

My obsession today is the current trend of copper items. Lamps, pots, candlesticks. They are all amazing and I need them all!

My sister bought me these amazing Moscow Mule mugs for Christmas. I'm pretty sure that's what kicked off my need for all things copper and shiny. I'll tell about Moscow Mules another day, they are delicious.


Here are a few lovely things to hopefully start your copper obsession but you can also check out my Pinterest board of Copper Stuff. Enjoy!






Good Morning

It's something I don't get to do very often...breakfast. I love the thought of it, sitting down to a cuppa every morning looking at the sun streaming through the kitchen window but too often life gets in the way.

I love school holidays for the fact that I have the chance to enjoy this little moment instead of rushing about to get out the door in time.

I hope you have time for a deep breath before you start your day.

xxx Kyla


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Perfect Banana Bread

I'm not too great at baking. Actually, I'm pretty shit when it comes to baking anything of the cake-ey persuasion. Don't get me wrong, I'm a mother flippin' super-mum when it comes to pies and casseroles, but I can't cook a batch of muffins to save a life.

So when I was scrolling gleefully through Pinterest yesterday in the 10 minutes I didn't have the baby in my arms and spotted a "fail-proof" banana bread recipe, my mind immediately went to the 4 uneaten and wilting bananas on the kitchen bench.

This recipe really isn't a proper recipe and I'm not gonna pretend I made this one from scratch because, well...who has the damn time for that? But it is super-easy and makes a nice size loaf that fed the rest of us for the whole day. Smothered with a generous serving of butter whilst still warm from the oven is definitely the best way to eat it but had it lasted more than 6 hours, I'm sure it would be great for lunch boxes too.

Take a look at these mouth watering photos and imagine yourself in a pretty little apron, pulling this delicious sucker out of the oven. Scroll down and I'll tell you how to look like housewife of the year with absolutely no effort....



So...ready for the revelation?

Here's what you'll need

3-4 ripe bananas - 2 eggs - 1 packet cake mix (I used vanilla but feel free to experiment with different flavours) Note: you don't need all the extra stuff they specify on your cake mix packet

Do This: Mash the bananas, whack in the eggs and cake mix. Pour into a large greased loaf pan and bake to the instructions on your packet mix box or until it looks delicious.

And WHAMMO! Perfect, moist banana bread that even the picky kids will eat. You could even throw in some choccy-chips or walnuts, or maybe swirl some Nutella or peanut butter into the top of the loaf pan.

If you make this one for yourself I would love to see a photo of your efforts. Tag me, @kyladoesstuff , in your instagram photo. xxx Kyla


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bonjour & Welcome

Hello there, I'm sure that you all know me. I'm THAT girl.
The one who likes making things look cool and pretty.
The one who will decorate for days for a party but not clean the skirting boards.
The one whose life looks pretty great...on Instagram at least.

I'm that girl.
The one who likes swear words.
The one who likes words so much that she gets offended when you spell them incorrectly.
The one who randomly uses French.

But I'm also THAT girl.
Completely imperfect, obsessive and unsure of what sort of girl she really is...
In fact, I should probably call myself a woman. I'm almost 39.
But I don't feel like a woman, even after a husband, kids and businesses, small wins and big losses

I suppose that's because I'm still learning.
I'm learning how to define myself, my dreams and the world around me.

I've blogged before, with moderate success. But it's time for a fresh start, with fresh ideas and no boundaries. It's fun, this blogging things, and I'm looking forward to meeting you all and sharing my days with you.

So...this is my Stuff Diary. It will be full of pretty, delicious, lovely, beautiful things.
Stuff I find interesting.
Stuff I make or do.
Stuff that happens to me.

That's a lot of stuff!

I hope you find some of it interesting too and come back to visit now and then.

xxx Kyla