Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bonjour & Welcome

Hello there, I'm sure that you all know me. I'm THAT girl.
The one who likes making things look cool and pretty.
The one who will decorate for days for a party but not clean the skirting boards.
The one whose life looks pretty great...on Instagram at least.

I'm that girl.
The one who likes swear words.
The one who likes words so much that she gets offended when you spell them incorrectly.
The one who randomly uses French.

But I'm also THAT girl.
Completely imperfect, obsessive and unsure of what sort of girl she really is...
In fact, I should probably call myself a woman. I'm almost 39.
But I don't feel like a woman, even after a husband, kids and businesses, small wins and big losses

I suppose that's because I'm still learning.
I'm learning how to define myself, my dreams and the world around me.

I've blogged before, with moderate success. But it's time for a fresh start, with fresh ideas and no boundaries. It's fun, this blogging things, and I'm looking forward to meeting you all and sharing my days with you.

So...this is my Stuff Diary. It will be full of pretty, delicious, lovely, beautiful things.
Stuff I find interesting.
Stuff I make or do.
Stuff that happens to me.

That's a lot of stuff!

I hope you find some of it interesting too and come back to visit now and then.

xxx Kyla

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