Saturday, January 17, 2015


I do A LOT of crochet. It helps fill my days and keeps my hands busy so I don't snack all day. (Not a perfect diet plan but it does help)

Today I started one of my favourite patterns, the chevron or ripple. Here's the one I'm currently working on for a lovely new soul due soon...

And here are a few that I've done previously..

For those with some crochet experience it's a pretty easy pattern and once you get going it grows fairly quickly. I used a few different techniques until I came across this one from Attic 24. It's really easy to follow and has great images for those who are visual learners like me. Give her a visit and try out a chevron, you won't be disappointed.

I always post my current #dailycrochet on Instagram. If you would like to follow me my name is @kyladoesstuff (there's also a little linky button to your right there)

Have fun!!





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