Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Perfect Banana Bread

I'm not too great at baking. Actually, I'm pretty shit when it comes to baking anything of the cake-ey persuasion. Don't get me wrong, I'm a mother flippin' super-mum when it comes to pies and casseroles, but I can't cook a batch of muffins to save a life.

So when I was scrolling gleefully through Pinterest yesterday in the 10 minutes I didn't have the baby in my arms and spotted a "fail-proof" banana bread recipe, my mind immediately went to the 4 uneaten and wilting bananas on the kitchen bench.

This recipe really isn't a proper recipe and I'm not gonna pretend I made this one from scratch because, well...who has the damn time for that? But it is super-easy and makes a nice size loaf that fed the rest of us for the whole day. Smothered with a generous serving of butter whilst still warm from the oven is definitely the best way to eat it but had it lasted more than 6 hours, I'm sure it would be great for lunch boxes too.

Take a look at these mouth watering photos and imagine yourself in a pretty little apron, pulling this delicious sucker out of the oven. Scroll down and I'll tell you how to look like housewife of the year with absolutely no effort....



So...ready for the revelation?

Here's what you'll need

3-4 ripe bananas - 2 eggs - 1 packet cake mix (I used vanilla but feel free to experiment with different flavours) Note: you don't need all the extra stuff they specify on your cake mix packet

Do This: Mash the bananas, whack in the eggs and cake mix. Pour into a large greased loaf pan and bake to the instructions on your packet mix box or until it looks delicious.

And WHAMMO! Perfect, moist banana bread that even the picky kids will eat. You could even throw in some choccy-chips or walnuts, or maybe swirl some Nutella or peanut butter into the top of the loaf pan.

If you make this one for yourself I would love to see a photo of your efforts. Tag me, @kyladoesstuff , in your instagram photo. xxx Kyla


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