Friday, January 9, 2015

This is my life...

I've told you a little about my self in my very first blog post. Things I'm sure a lot of you already know about me. But for those new to 'Kyla-Land' here's what the view is like from here.
This is me...

I've done heaps of different things in my life. I've been a dancer, a photographer, a waitress, an artist, a business owner, a trophy maker, a waitress, a teacher, a shop assistant and a barista. I'm a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mum and a friend. And I think it is these last things that I am the most proud of, it's those things that have fulfilled me the most.
I get obsessed easily, by different things almost every day. But some obsessions stay constant. Crochet, vintage books, Pyrex, more ice in my glass than drink. I line things up a lot, I'm probably one traumatic event away from full blown OCD. But for now I am happy making organised pockets of pretty around my home.
I like throwing parties. I'll plan them down to the smallest detail and always, always over-decorate. My family and friends think I'm crazy but they keep coming back for more.
I write lists. Lots and lots of lists. I write them in notebooks scattered about the house. (I'd better add 'notebook storage' to a list)
This is my family...(Without the new baby...must take a new family shot)
King Julian is the most amazing guy. I really lucked out with this one, he is the most big hearted, supportive husband a girl could ask for. He hates having his photo taken and is always ready with some sort of ridiculous face when thereis a camera in the room. He has an amazing voice and finds joy in making very loud noises with it. He has been know to sing a bit of opera whilst mowing or rip out a bit of Jimmy Barnes business after a few drinks. He is hilarious and sensitive and I really couldn't do without him.
Luca, or #mytinyhipster as we have called him for years, is 7 years old. He's a tiny little dude with a very big brain and has his father's talent for mimicry, which drives my completely nuts. He reads at a level far above his age (which we are so proud of) but can't remember what day it is even though I've told him 12 times. He loves skinny jeans, Adventure Time, reading till all hours and a red-haired girl named Emily.
Clancy is almost 8 weeks old and already a completely different little character to his big brother. He came into the world early and is so calm that sometimes we have to sneak into his room and stare at him for a while to check that he is still breathing. He looks mostly like his father and brother but I think he will be a ginger like me! His feet are huge and he is already smiling and lifting up his giant head.
* (I had written a huge paragraph here about my 'journey' over the past 12 months but I deleted it all. I'm not really a soul-searching, heart-on-my-sleeve kinda girl so let's just say that it's been a really shit year for me and leave it at that.)
But the view from here is looking pretty nice right now. I've been learning how to look after myself a little better (with the help of a few special, precious friends) and I'm looking to the future with my eyes open wide. The grass is pretty green so I can't really complain.
So, hopefully that fills you in on the person behind the blog. I would love if you could introduce yourself in the comments. I am always interested in who I'm writing to.
I'm glad you're here xxx Kyla

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