Sunday, February 8, 2015


I don't use that word very often...serendipity. I think it's one of those very special words in our language that helps us determine important moments in our lives. Today was definitely serendipitous.


The lovely husband man and I woke up this morning (after a grown-up evening with super-nice pals) and suggested we 'go for a drive'. For us that means packing our people in a car and letting the decision to take a left or a right determine our day. Today we took a right...and ended up having the nicest day in a very long time.

We ended up in Warwick for lunch. To get there you cross the Great Dividing Range, an incredibly beautiful drive where, if the whim takes you, you can stop and hike to the lookout. We have done this before, but not today. We pushed on to Warwick Town and crusied the Main Street for a lunch spot. And here was the first moment of serendipity.

The Bluebird Kitchen and Bar had opened a short 5 days earlier in an old petrol stop. It's very cool, with hand painted signs and vintage, industrial style furnishings. The coffee, from a local Toowoomba roaster Two Moos, was some of the best we have had in years and the salmon bagel was delicious. I really do love finding places like this and messaged my pal, a chef and restaraunt owner, immediately. Must visit again during the week for lunch...perhaps with a stroll down the street to the two, side by side, craft shops I spotted.


After brunch, we left Warick and headed the back way to Toowoomba through Allora. So many pretty vistas to dream about. And then we hit Toowoomba. Which I love and know pretty well. I taught dancing there in my 20's and travelled there every year for competitions. The houses are amazing. The parks are so lush.

Clancy needed a feed and a change so we hit up Laurel Bank Park, right in the middle of town. It's surrounded by amazing homes and tiny narrow streets. It has a croquet club and some play equipment so I thought it would be a nice energy burner for the Tiny Hipster. And so came the second lovely moment of serendipity. It just so happened that the carpark was full and the streets were parked out. We squeezed the car into a spare spot close to the hall and wandered into the park wondering what the fuss was...

A band was playing, retirees were knocking back spritzers and cheese on picnic blankets, pre-teens were collecting macadamia nuts from the grass and the shade was glorious. We spent an hour sitting in the shade, feeding the baby and listening to a not-completely-in-tune Elvis cover band. The gardens were lovely, no wonder Toowoomba is the 'Garden City'...need to remember to visit during the Carnival of Flowers this year.

Sigh. If only we could do this every weekend. I have promised to be more prepared for the next road trip Sunday. I will pack a proper picnic blanket and a cheap bottle of red. I will take my proper camera and a shady hat. I promise.






These girls had collected a sheet-full of macadamia nuts. I guess it would have cost them a few hundred dollars in the shops. It's free in the park!